Submission Guidelines

The Hub is a management education repository for teaching resources.

Your submission should consist of all of the information that would be required to make proper use of the resource online so that it is easily transferable from the submitted file to the MOBTS Hub website.

Submissions that fail to achieve this, within reason, may be declined.

To those that have attended MOBTS conferences before, it is very likely that some of your submissions were only intended for conference and personal use, but not within your own interest or desire to publish. Refining your MOBTS conference submissions to comply with usage as an online resource is 100% acceptable and the catalyst in MOBTS to proceed forward with the creation of the MOBTS Hub.

Please adhere to the following requirements:

  • Files are to be submitted under one of the following content types:
    • Teaching exercise
    • Teaching technique
    • "Top 10 List" (ex. YouTube clips, movie, articles, websites, etc.)
    • Essay (ex. tackling an issue, looking to the future of a topic, etc.)
    • Syllabi
    • Other (clearly describe your content type if selecting other)
  • Submissions are  not blind. Please include identifying information in your submission file.
  • Submissions should be uploaded in Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) format only.
  • Files should provide all of the information required for the resource to be posted on the MOBTS Hub. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Title of resource
    • Clear and detailed description of resource for users to read and search by and for MOBTS to use on resource page
    • A minimum of three (3) keywords
    • Embedded and/or linked images, videos, external links, etc. as applicable
  • Submissions should attempt to be unique when compared with existing resources. For ex., if submitting a list of "Top 10 YouTube Clips on Leadership" and your Top 10 List is identical to another's, that is acceptable so long as your explanation to the user differs to a great enough degree as to why or how the clip is applicable.
    • As the MOBTS Hub is in its infancy, this will not be an issue, but is all the more reason to submit your resources early and often as the repository will fill up quickly!

MOBTS reserves the right to edit the submission as it sees fit to align with online content and layout. Additionally, MOBTS reserves the right to reject/decline any submission as it sees fit.

Please submit your content, in detail, for consideration to be posted on the MOBTS Hub. This site is not considered a peer-reviewed journal but will be reviewed by MOBTS prior to a decision being made. As the MOBTS Hub is only a website, it does not carry an ISBN.

Contact MOBTS Executive Director Brandon Charpied ( with any questions or concerns.