Virtual Name Tag

by Phylicia G. Taylor, Florida A&M University

This activity is used at the beginning of the semester to allow students and professors to get to know each other in a fun and creative way. Students can use Powerpoint, Canva, and the like to create a name tag that includes goals, hobbies, and additional information that allows their classmates to get to know them better. This quick yet impact assignment lets students highlight their creativity and personalities by including pictures and graphics that represent who they are.

How to create your virtual name tag

  • Open PowerPoint or Pages and start with a blank/new slide
  • On your slide, begin in the middle with your name, hometown/ current state, and the context in which you work, if applicable.
  • On the upper left, list an accomplishment(s) from 2022.
  • On the lower left, list goals for 2022.
  • The upper right, write about an aspect of your background (academic, professional, etc.). 
  • The lower right, write about what you want to learn?
  • The lower middle, fun facts or hobbies you enjoy?
  • Be creative with colorfont, and images to introduce yourself!

Once you finish

  • Save the slide as a jpeg and upload it to this discussion board.
  • See what you have in common with your classmates, look at everyone’s virtual name tag, and comment!