Seven YouTube to Use Related to Operant Conditioning and Classical Conditioning

by Dr. Gordon B. Schmidt, University of Louisiana Monroe

Management courses such as Introductory Organizational Behavior, Training Methods, and Human Resource Development often talk about learning. Two topics in this area that often are taught are operant condition and classical conditioning. This resource highlights seven YouTube videos related to these topics and distinguishes between the two topics.

The difference between classical and operant conditioning - Peggy Andover (4:12)

TED-Ed video that compares and contrasts classical conditioning and operant conditioning. There is also more material related to it, including some questions at:

Skinner’s Operant Conditioning: Rewards & Punishments (4:46)

Good basic examples with a class exercise idea starting at 2:56.

Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning (5:33)

Good basic examples with a class exercise idea starting at 3:29.

Sheldon Shaping Penny in Big Bang Theory (6:34)

Big Bang Theory shows clips that illustrate operant conditioning as well as include characters discussing what operant conditioning is.

Classical Conditioning (in 3 minutes) (3:08)

Classic video illustrating classical conditioning with animals.

Operant conditioning: Positive-and-negative reinforcement and punishment | MCAT | Khan Academy (6:58)

Basic discussion of elements of operant conditioning with visual boxes and arrows.

Operant Conditioning with Keri and Riley Tiger (5:02)

Shows a good example of how positive reinforcement shapes behavior with a tiger. Only part of the clip could be shown and still get the point across.